My flowers are designed to be semi loose whimsical arrangements that mimic nature to a certain extent, adding in the perfect amount of structure to create an arrangement of natural beauty with a human touch. My arrangements can be described as soft and pretty with a Romantic feel featuring pastel pallets with a pop of colour.

My love for flowers was apparent right away, from my flower sandcastles, gardening with my mother and putting flowers in my hair as a little girl. My love for flowers has stayed with me and grown stronger as the years go by. Experimenting with colour pallets and designs, coming across new flowers every market trip and treasuring each flower that is able to be dried. Searching through these dried treasures for the perfect pieces ready to be made into an everlasting crown or a little momentum for that bouquet, to cherish forever.

Hence poppies and lace was established. Where I’m beyond ecstatic to share my love of flowers and create something more special and unique then “just a bunch of flowers”.

– Becky xxx